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Words of the Weekend

July 17, 2018

Words of the Weekend | Vol 88

Normally these posts come on Mondays… but sometimes Mondays just really get away from you. So happy Tuesday it is! This past weekend I was in Fairlee, Vermont on Lake Morey for a backyard wedding with my old (and insanely talented) Upper Valley crew, Kate Dawson Events & Valley Flower Co. Before the sneak peeks, here are a few thoughts from the week…

– One of my favorite summer drinks for the beach this year has been this Italian Margarita by Fabrizia… a marg in a can! I was admittedly a little skeptical when I picked this up (I just thought it was going to be sickly sugary), but have loved this.

– One thing about me is that I love food trucks… I don’t know what it is about them. I know it usually involves standing in long lines, often being disappointed that things you want are sold out, and eating either standing up or sitting on the ground. And yet, I love ’em. Last week I made it to the ArtsRiot Truck Stop and have been raving about this donut truck since! If you’re around Burlington and ever see DoughBro, STOP EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING AND GET THOSE DONUTS.



– Any Handmaid’s Tale fans out there?! I can’t believe this season is over already… is it time for Season 3 yet?!?! That ending though…


Amy & Lance | Fairlee, Vermont

Lake Morey Vermont Wedding Lake_Morey_Vermont_Wedding_Photo Lake_Morey_Vermont_Wedding_Photo

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