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Words of the Weekend

August 13, 2018

Words of the Weekend | Vol 92

Happy Monday (night… squeezing this post in just before midnight). I was busy shooting this past weekend in Manchester, VT so I have some great sneak peeks to share below. But first, a few thoughts from the week…

– If you need a good background playlist, this is a fav of mine (thanks to my sister, Kinsey, for this discovery)

– I just shared on my Instagram story about reminding people of the importance of personal days & self-care. I shot 3 days in a row this weekend after putting in a lot of long editing hours last week, so I used today to workout, catch up with friends, go to dance, and go to the chiropractor. And honestly I’m feeling so refreshed, recharged & ready to tackle this week ahead. Remember: “You can’t pour from an empty glass.”
– Sometimes my favorite videos online are funny ones that make me laugh… this week, it was an inspirational one that stopped me in my tracks. Girl, Wash Your Face is def up next on my reading list after seeing this:
Heidi & Andrew’s Rehearsal Dinner | Reluctant Panther Inn
Heidi & Andrew | Married | Hildene
Hildene Vermont Wedding PhotosHildene Vermont Wedding Photos
Hildene Vermont Wedding Photos
Ashley & James | Engaged | Manchester, Vermont
Manchester Vermont Engagement Photos Manchester Vermont Engagement Photos

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