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Words of the Weekend

August 6, 2018

Words of the Weekend | Vol 91

As I write these Words of the Weekend posts, I’m often reminded of just how quickly a week can go by. I feel like I was JUST writing last week’s post, and here we are again– another Monday and another set of sneak peeks! Before this week’s set of previews below, a few thoughts from the week…

– I think summer bucket lists are important. Here in New England summer goes by in a FLASH and then it’s winter again… so having a summer bucket list helps keep me on track to make sure I’m getting out to enjoy this beautiful state while it’s warm & beautiful out. Yesterday I knocked two things off the list: a swim at a local swimming spot, Triple Buckets (below Huntington Gorge), and a trip to the drive-in movie theater. Unfortunately Mission Impossible was interrupted halfway through the movie when the projector broke (don’t worry, we got a refund!) so it just means another trip there is in order :)

– If you need a good giggle, stop what you’re doing and watch Jimmy Fallon’s Mad Lib Theater videos… this Kristen Wiig one is my favorite and gets me every. single. time.

– Need an inspirational piece of reading for the week ahead? Look no further than THIS Medium piece… (even if you’re not in your 20’s). 
“A willingness to work hard and an insatiable optimism were my only tools, but those tools are all you need. Push. And push. And when it feels like nothing’s moving, push one more time. Say yes. Inspire, and be inspired. Believe in others, and let them believe in you. Fake. It. Till. You. Make. It. And then make it. Choose your happiness above all else, and stay contagiously optimistic. Things will have to go your way, you’ll make sure of it.”


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