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Words of the Weekend

July 30, 2018

Words of the Weekend | Vol 90

Happy Monday! When I look at these sneak peeks below it makes me realize what I jam-packed week I had last week with lots of great sessions. Oh and I also squeezed a triathlon in there… more on that below:

– On Sunday I completed my first triathlon! It was somewhat of a last minute decision but ultimately I’m very glad I decided to pull the trigger on it, because I’ve had my eye on the Colchester Triathlon for a few years now. It was a sprint distance (what I would absolutely recommend for your first tri!), so a 500m swim in Lake Champlain, a 12-mile bike ride, and a 5k run. And by run I really mean just trying to throw one leg in front of the other and move your body in the forward direction until you cross the finish line. All in all: I like swimming in the lake less than I thought, I like biking outside more than I thought, and I’m just overall happy to cross this off the bucket list.

– Here’s a Macbook trick for ya! So this morning I couldn’t get my laptop to charge. After I tried multiple outlets & chargers, I did what any millennial would do: Googled how to fix it. If you’re ever having this issue, it can be a SUPER simple fix! After a little online research, I found the hack that you plug in your laptop, power it down, hold SHIFT + CONTROL + OPTION + POWER BUTTON FOR 4 SECONDs. Let go, then the little light on your charger should light up to signal there’s connection and boom, problem solved! I was picturing an expensive trip to the Apple store but was so pleased to find out this was such an easy fix!

– Song of the week: this Cardi B remix pushed me through one of the hills in the triathlon


Fran & Luc | Maternity | Shelburne, VT

Vermont Maternity Photo

Caroline & Ben | Engaged | Hanover, NH

Dartmouth College Engagement Photo Dartmouth College Engagement Photo

Maude & Max | July 28, 2018 | Huntington, VT

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