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Words of the Weekend

July 10, 2017

Words of the Weekend | Vol 76

Happy Monday! I’m back in Vermont this morning after a week of travel to Maine (and a quick stop in New Hampshire yesterday). I haven’t been to my hometown of Ellsworth, Maine since Christmas so I was long overdue for a trip home. As with every Monday, some thoughts from the week & some sneak previews…

– Did anyone else see this BuzzFeed article this week? Being in the wedding industry, I definitely appreciate this kind of humor…

– During my trip home to Maine, I’m pretty sure I had lobster, blueberries, and ice cream pretty much every day of my trip. While in Maine, right?! Tonight’s workout should be veryyyy interesting… #noregrets

– I recently transitioned from a handheld camera strap to a Holdfast MoneyMaker. So far I’ve photographed 3 weddings with it and I have to say I’m loving it. I’m able to have two camera bodies on me and quickly transition between the two. There will definitely be a more extensive review coming your way soon!


Katelyn & LT  |  July 8, 2017  |  Bar Harbor, Maine

Erin & Ryan  |  Engaged  |  Portsmouth, NH

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