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Words of the Weekend

September 26, 2016

Words of the Weekend | Vol 68

Happy Monday! It’s officially fall and it sure feels like it! I have to say, as much of a summer & beach girl that I am, I’m not sad about the chill in the air and am happy to have cozy sweaters, boots & knit scarves back in my wardrobe :) I photographed an amazing wedding this weekend at Sugarbush Resort and am excited to be sharing some sneak previews, but as first, a few random thoughts from the week…

– If you’re a Spotify fan like I am, you’re probably familiar with the “Discover Weekly” playlist they put out every Monday, based on what you listen to. Recently, it hasn’t brought me to discover any great music BUT I’ve found a different hidden gem. Every Friday, they put out a playlist called “Your Release Radar” and it is GOLD. It puts together new release music based on what you usually listen to it and I’ve found so many great songs that way.

– On a whim, I watched the first episode of “This Is Us” and LOVED it! What other fall shows are people loving?!

– This week is my birthday week! Last year when I turned 25 I promised myself I would try 25 new things I’ve never done before… I’m so excited to be sharing that on the blog this week!


Carrie & Mike | September 24, 2016 | Sugarbush, VT