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Words of the Weekend

September 12, 2016

Words of the Weekend | Vol 66

Is September not the most beautiful month?! It might help that it’s my birthday month, but that’s beside the point… ;) Cheers to continued warm weather during the day that feel like summer but crisp nights that get me excited for fall. Since there was no Words of the Weekend last week for Labor Day, there are LOTS of sneak previews to share this week! But first, as always, some thoughts over my morning coffee…

– I’m doing something very exciting today! My grandfather is a lobsterman and I’m going out with him on his boat this morning for the first time ever (I feel like I can’t call myself a real Maine girl until I’ve checked this off my bucket list). Plus you can bet I’ll have my camera in hand.

– It’s just over a month until I’m back in Acadia for the MDI Half Marathon. I’m nervous & excited all in one foul swoop. Any recommendations for my last month of training?!

– Random thought from Saturday’s wedding: Does playing “Sweet Caroline” have the same effect on people at weddings in other parts of the country as it does in New England? Because whenever I hear those infamous opening beats, I know the dance floor will become immediately packed…


Stephanie & Paul | 09.05.16 | Chittenden, Vermont


Katey & Blake | Engaged | Acadia National Park, Maine


Janeka & Jeff | 09.10.16 | Bar Harbor, Maine