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Words of the Weekend

August 29, 2016

Words of the Weekend | Vol 65

Good morning from one of my favorite places on Earth… Nantucket!! It’s been a long, busy weekend filled with 2 engagement sessions, 1 wedding, 3 different hotel rooms, over 400 miles driven, 1 ferry ride, and copious amounts of coffee. But honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way! This also means that there are LOTS of sneak peeks to share today :) But first, as always, some thoughts from the week…

– I was reminded this morning of what it’s like to wait in anticipation to see your wedding photos (or in my case, my big brother’s photos). I was scrolling through Facebook this morning, still half asleep, and saw that I am Sarah V Photography had posted Duncan & Lauren’s wedding on her blog! I literally JUMPED out of bed to grab my laptop (because wedding photos should not be first viewed on an iPhone!) and was so excited to relive their day. Thank you Sarah for capturing their photos so beautifully! See the blog post HERE (spoiler alert: you see me crying like a baby during their ceremony… there wasn’t a dry eye there).

– This week’s jam: a remix of one of my favorite songs. Also the fact that they call it the Campfire Remix, when really it’s just an acoustic version is amazing. That alone sold me on it.

– The photographer’s struggle: always wanting to buy new equipment. I typically pride myself on not going too crazy on this front. I usually mull over a new equipment purchase for months and test out the equipment and know for sure that it will have a useful place in my workflow before making a big purchase. Well unfortunately for me, I just tested out a lens that I actually loved even more than I thought, the Sigma 35mm f/1.4, and this week Canon also announced that they’re coming out with the new 5D Mark IV, a model up from the body I shoot with now. Decisions, decisions. The struggle is real.


Kelly & Ryan | Engaged | Burlington, Vermont
Paige & Jeff | August 27, 2016 | Kennebunk, Maine
Kate & Matt | Engaged | Nantucket, Massachusetts