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Words of the Weekend

August 8, 2016

Words of the Weekend | Vol 63

Happy Monday! This week is an especially great week because my brother is getting MARRIED this weekend!! I’m heading to Maine mid-week and am beyond excited to be celebrating with my family (and yes, I’m leaving my camera behind and will only be on bridesmaid duty that day! :) ) But first, I have lots of great things to share on the blog this week because I got to photograph a stunning rustic wedding this weekend. Before some sneak peeks, a few thoughts as always…

– What do we think about Instagram stories?! Seems like a little bit of a cheap shot at Snapchat, but I did my first story on Saturday and got to share some behind-the-scenes shots from the wedding I was at… After that, I’m kinda loving the idea! If you’re not following me yet on Instagram, I’m just a click away HERE.

– Something I’ve learned probably in the last year over several different experiences…. When a lotion says “luminous” it really just means “filled with glitter.” (My first experience was with sunscreen when I lit up like a sparkly sparkle out in the sun).


– At Saturday’s wedding, I looked down at my feet at one point at the end of the night and this is what I saw. I think this is a very, very good sign of a solid rustic wedding :) (PS: Wedding Photogs, these are my favorite shoes for weddings and they’re from Payless of all places! You can find them HERE)


Stacy & Kyle | 08.06.16 | Pike, New Hampshire