in person • $450

virtual • $350

In our 2 hours together, we can talk about anything from photography techniques to editing to client relations to running a business. Whatever challenges you're facing, I'm here to help!

Along with answering your questions, we'll dive into a website critique, as well as take a look at your social media accounts to ensure that you're putting your best self out there to attract your ideal clients.

mentor sessions

Location: Boston
Headshots Included

We can connect over Skype and you can stay right in the comfort of your own home


"I had been following Kelsey’s work for quite some time when I reached out to see if she might be willing to get together for an informal mentoring session. That season of my business was one where I was just getting back into the swing of things after a break for nursing school, and I felt desperate to connect with a fellow creative who would be able to guide me a bit and answer the myriad of random business questions I felt overwhelmed with at the time. While I was soaking up as much information from webinars and articles as I could, I felt like an in-person meeting would be tremendously beneficial for my learning style. We spent an afternoon together talking through any and everything, from equipment maintenance and upgrades to business management to editing styles and workflow and flash. Kelsey was very easy to relate to, and was so generous with her knowledge, experiences, and time. I remember leaving that evening feeling better equipped for, and more confident about, moving forward with my business!"

Jenny, This Good Life Photography

"My mentor session with Kelsey was the very first mentoring session that I had signed up for since starting my business and I am so happy that I made the investment. Kelsey was so patient, friendly and professional and I loved connecting with another creative in this industry! We went over everything from my website, social media, and networking, to posing, reception lighting, and goal setting. I am so thankful that she not only took the time out of her schedule to help me grow my business but also provided me with a brand new set of headshots! Kelsey really knows her stuff which is evident in her way of educating. No question is stupid or off limits! If you're on the fence about investing in something like this, just take the plunge! Kelsey is more than willing to help with literally any aspect that you feel you need help with. I left my session feeling like I am on the right track and incredibly motivated to make the necessary changes to continue to grow in this industry!"

Erin Marie Photography

"Kelsey's mentor session was was incredibly helpful for improving my wedding photography business!
She was patient with all my questions about marketing, networking, and client interactions. She was able to
find the areas of my business that needed improvement and offer helpful suggestions with practical applications
on how to improve them. I would highly recommend Kelsey's mentor sessions to anyone who wants to
take a serious look into starting, or improving, their wedding photography business."

Ryan Watkins Photography