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April 16, 2015

Katelyn James Coaching Recap

Coaching Session With Katelyn James

I’ve written & rewritten the beginning of this blog post several times now. Mostly because I have so many wonderful things to say about Katelyn that I’m not sure where to begin…

I started following Katelyn James blog when I first started in my career. Her educational blog posts, her impeccable home decorating skills, her ability to remain real & true to herself… Finally last September I had the chance to meet Katelyn in person at her home in Richmond, VA at her 2-day workshop (you can read about my experience on the blog HERE). I learned so much during those 2 days, and I knew a mentoring session wouldn’t be far off.

Fast forward through New England’s never ending winter and just last week I flew back to Virginia to spend some 1-on-1 time with Katelyn in a Coaching Session to gear up for the 2015 wedding season. We started with lunch at Bertucci’s (Salmon Cesar Salad, yum!) and then went off to the infamous parking garage for head shots. Seriously guys, I think the more I am behind the lens, the more awkward I become in front of it. But Katelyn worked her magic and now I have LOTS of headshots that I love!

We then went back to Katelyn’s home, where we sat in her office for the afternoon and chatted for hours. I told her all about my business– my fears, my dreams, my successes & my failures. Where I’ve been and where I want to go. The amazing thing about having your own business is that every year is so different and I am constantly amazed & excited by the people I get to work with and the places I get to go. But with that excitement is the great fear of the unknown… There are no promises & no guarantees, just prayers that God will lead me in the direction of His plan for my business.

A lot of people are confused about why photographers join together & become friends… aren’t they your competition?! Why would you be friends with them?! Photography is a different kind of community and I am so grateful for that… In fact there has even been a hashtag created, #communityovercompetition. There are PLENTY of weddings to go around and it is so much more beneficial for us to band together and build each other up, rather than spend negative energy comparing ourselves to our “competition.” Katelyn has devoted so much of her business & energy to teaching other photographers and building up the photography community. It was so helpful for me to be able to sit down one-on-one with one of the industry’s best to get her feedback & advice on how I can grow my business & serve my clients in the best way possible. I left with a plan and can’t wait to see how these new changes help KDP grow!

Let me just say, I am not a crier (except if you put on Armageddon, then it’s all over). I didn’t even cry at my own wedding! But at the end of my coaching session, Katelyn & I joined our hands together and bowed our heads as she prayed over our time together, my business moving to Vermont, and our new home being a place we can welcome new friends & loved ones in. Her words were so beautiful & moving that I was in full-fledged tears. Not just a little tear, but tears rolling off my cheeks in happiness & excitement for this next phase of our life in Vermont. In that moment, I knew that God had brought Katelyn into my life for a reason and I am so blessed to call her a friend & mentor!

THIS GIRL. Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to spend time with @katelynjames in a coaching session in her home in Richmond, VA. For those of you who don’t know Katelyn, she is an amazing wedding photographer, passionate in her faith, and an incredibly gifted teacher & mentor who has lifted up so many other photographers (and other business owners) with her encouragement. Yesterday, I sat with her talking about what’s next for my business, my fears, my excitement, and praying together for this next phase of life as Corey & I transition our lives and my business into VT in just a few short months. Katelyn, I feel incredibly blessed to call you a mentor & friend and can’t thank you enough for how your words of encouragement moved me yesterday ❤️ I can’t begin to describe how refreshed & ready I feel to take on the 2015 wedding season! #kdp #kjeducation #kjcoaching #vermontweddingphotographer #communityovercompetition

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