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February 3, 2017

Announcing KRP Mentor Sessions!

I really can’t believe this day is here, and to be honest– I’m not quite sure what I’ve been waiting for. Before we get into all the nitty gritty, let’s back track…

My undergrad degree is in education, so teaching others has always been a passion of mine. I’m quite sure I could be a very happy teacher right now, but photography came into my life and the business took off. I have zero regrets about becoming a photographer because it’s what I believe I was called to do, but I always knew that someday I wanted to incorporate teaching into my photography business somehow. Well, five years in, that day has finally come!

Five years ago, I sat at the beginning of my business…. A photography education under my belt, but little direction on where I was headed. I would spend late nights & any extra moments pouring over other photographers’ blogs gathering any information and knowledge I could. But searching countless hours online is hard… can I get an amen for that?! Luckily, I had mentors along the way like Abby Grace, Katelyn James & Mary Marantz who guided me on the right path. The information they gave was so instrumental for the growth of my business, and now it’s time for me to pass it on.

I am SO excited to be announcing that as of today, I will be officially offering mentoring sessions for other photographers! After five years in business and nearing 100 photographed weddings, I think it’s time for me to pass on some of the things I’ve learned over the years. I have already taught several mentor sessions that have really ignited my passion for this work, but now that I am officially launching this new part of my business, I hope to continue to grow as a mentor & role model for fellow photographers. So here are the details…

WHAT: 2 Hour Skype Mentor Session with Kelsey

In this time together, we can talk about anything from photography techniques to editing to client relations to running a business… I’m an open book! Whatever you’re struggling with most, I’m here to help.

WHERE: Anywhere!

The beauty of Skype is that you can be anywhere– coffee in hand, cozy at home. We’ll allow technology (Skype/FaceTime/Google Hangouts) to connect us from anywhere in the world. 

Interested in an in-person mentoring session? Coming May 2017!

WHEN: Beginning today, I’m available to start scheduling Skype sessions at a time that work for both of us!


Why do you need a mentor session? Maybe you’re a new photographer who just can’t seem to keep up with the hardships of running a business. Or perhaps you’re a few years into your business– you’re feeling stuck and your business needs a jumpstart.  Wherever you are in your photography journey, it’s time to get the opinions & advice of someone who also has grown their business from the bottom up. I want to be your biggest cheerleader & invaluable resource and set you off in the right direction to achieve the business you dream of.

COST: $400 $350

This introductory cost is available for the first 5 people to sign up for mentor sessions! 2 hours with Kelsey. No question is off limits, no question is too silly. 


Jenny Ricker, This Good Life Photography

“I had been following Kelsey’s work for quite some time when I reached out to see if she might be willing to get together for a mentoring session. That season of my business was one where I was just getting back into the swing of things after a break for nursing school, and I felt desperate to connect with a fellow creative who would be able to guide me a bit and answer the myriad of random business questions I felt overwhelmed with at the time. While I was soaking up as much information from webinars and articles as I could, I felt like an in-person meeting would be tremendously beneficial for my learning style, and to this day, I’m so grateful that Kelsey was willing to make time for me! We spent an afternoon together talking through any and everything, from equipment maintenance and upgrades to business management to editing styles and workflow and flash. Kelsey was very easy to relate to, and was so generous with her knowledge, experiences, and time. I remember leaving that evening feeling better equipped for, and more confident about, moving forward with my business!”


Interested? Questions? Send an e-mail to kelsey@kelseyreganphotography.com. I can’t wait to hear from you and work together to jumpstart your business!