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January 6, 2017

2016 Behind the Scenes!

Every year this is always one of my favorite blog posts to create because it allows me to look back at the year and remember all the incredible moments in the blur that was wedding season. Once Memorial Day hits, it’s basically a non-stop adventure until the last of the fall foliage is done. It goes by in the blur and I’m so lucky to have second shooters who capture these behind-the-scenes moments that allow me to look back on it all.

You all get to look at what’s happening in front of my lens on a wedding day, but here is your chance to see a little of the magic that goes into wedding photography :) Enjoy!

If you need to find me on a wedding day, a lot of times you can find me creepin’ in the bushes…

Caught just sitting & taking in Conner & Richard’s ceremony :)

Constantly needing to find a way to get my short self higher up

Those dresses don’t just fall perfectly on their own…

Love me some wedding day hugs :)

When you need to eat a snack but also do a lighting test… #multitasking

The irony of a professional photographer taking an iPhone pic… (but how can you resist when it’s My Little Cupcake?!)

There’s no better place to be for dancing photos than right in the middle of the action…

Except then sometimes I can’t help but get sucked in :)

• Second Shooters •

Danielle Allendorf – A huge thanks to this girl who helped me on just about every one of my weddings this season. She is such a fast learner and this girl works so hard… I can frantically wave my hands at her from across a room and she knows exactly what I need. Couldn’t have done it this year without you! 

Omar Rawlings – A big thanks to this guy for making the trek up to Bar Harbor, Maine this fall!

Sienna Clough – This gal was my right-hand lady for my first few weddings seasons. She made a big move to the West Coast, but I was so happy to have her for a final few weddings before she left!

• Friends – Old & New •

It’s always so exciting to run into friends in the industry & past couples of mine! This year I was lucky to work with my gal pals Kate Dawson Events & Et Cetera Event Company

One of my favorite things on earth is when I run into a past KRP couple at a wedding! Makes my heart so, so full :)

Pictured Here: Lindsey & Pat (2014), Stacey (2015), Greta & Matt (2015)

Lindsey & Trey’s wedding was SUCH a treat, because not only were the bride & groom close friends of mine, but there were lots of friends in attendance! 

• KRP Couples •

I am so thankful for each & every one of these newlyweds. I really feel like I just have the best couples and am so lucky to get to photograph their wedding days… Thank you to all my couples for inviting me to document your big day! Much love to you all xoxo

• BONUS: From the iPhone •

They’re grainy & blurry & filled with Snapchat commentary, but oh so fun :)

What your feet look like after a barn wedding…

Golf Cart Selfie at Hildene!

Love having dinners with my clients, new & old! (Below Rustin & Lauren (2017) and Liz (2015))

… And finally 2 of my favorite behind-the-scenes photos ever captured. A big thanks to Alex Baker-Whitcomb for these.

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